Getting organised for the Christmas Break

Posted by Darren December 21, 2016

The most wonderful time of year is upon us once again! Whilst most of us are already picturing the beach we will be on by this time next week, or the Christmas day festivities with family and friends, it is important to tie off those outstanding jobs at work before you head out for the summer break, to ensure you can make the most of the break and enjoy yourself, without your mind straying back to incomplete work at the office.


Having time away from the workplace is a great way to relax and regroup for the year ahead. The true benefits of completely switching off from your usual day-to-day activities are realised when you take a break from your regular activities, clear your head and look at your role from a fresh perspective.


Even if you aren’t planning much time off work over the Christmas period, you can be certain a large number of colleagues and suppliers you will need to speak to will not be around between Christmas and New Year.


That’s the best reason you have to make a to do list and tick off those pesky tasks that have been hanging around, before you head out the door this week!


The best way to efficiency in the lead up to your break is:


-          Create a to-do list with tasks that can be achieved before the closure if the business

-          Prioritise those tasks from most-least important and work through them in that order

-          Advise your clients/suppliers of your closure dates so that they can communicate anything necessary with you before you go

-          Ensure all queries have been attended to prior to leaving

-          Set your out of office email response so clients have an expected time frame of when they will hear from you if they email you during the holidays


Tackle your high priority tasks first, and whatever you do, don’t procrastinate! With just a over a week left of 2016, you will feel much more prepared for the New Year returning to work with time, space and energy to put towards new projects in 2017.


Once you have completed those must-do jobs, you can enjoy Christmas and a well-deserved break, and look forward to an organised year ahead!


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year from all of the team at Wards Accounting. Look forward to seeing you in 2017!

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