Social Media Advertising for Small Business

Posted by Darren May 5, 2017

Small Business has access to many different forms of advertising in 2017. with so much access to social media these days – have you maximised your footprint in this form of advertising? With such strong results for successful campaigns and the opportunity to target your advertising to the customers you want, why is there still a reluctance to advertise through social media?


Below are 5 actions to ensure you are getting the most out of your social advertising for your business:

 1.        Value

This is the reason people follow you on social media. Try to stick to these four pillars when developing content and have a good mix of each.


-   Educate

-   Inspire

-   Entertain

-   Advertise


This way you won’t be constantly pushing sales related content to your customers and will keep them engaged between ad content.

 2.        Consistency

Facebook works on algorithms, and by keeping your posts consistent, you are most likely to:


-       let Facebook know the target audience you wish to reach

-       Allow your boosted posts to go further

-       Keep your organic reach high by giving your audience valuable information


All of these factors give you the best chance of your intended viewers seeing your posts.

 3.        Build Relationships  

Social Media is a great place because you interact with so many different people and businesses alike. Use this opportunity to:


-       build relationships

-       acquire leads for new customers/ business

-       increase your brand awareness


Don’t be afraid to share other businesses on your page as this can add value to those who are already following you but can also create opportunities for your page to be shared on their social media channels.

 4.        Engagement  

How well your audience interacts with your posts determines how they will interact with your page/social channels in the future, so it’s important to ensure your engagement is high. Improve your page engagement by:


-       engaging with posts and comments on your page and on other pages

-       sharing important, relevant updates and news that your audience is interested in

-       post consistently (as per point 2)

-       make sure all content is adding value relating to your industry (as per point 1)


 5.        Branding  

Ensure your business has a clear brand and ensure this remains consistent across all of your social channels. Keep your brand messaging clear and concise. This will:


-       increases trust in your brand

-       increase awareness

-       increase engagement across your social channels



With the right message and an accurate audience, social media can be a very useful and cost effective tool to promote your business and provide you the edge that you need!

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